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"Two days ago on his radio show, Glenn Beck called Mike Huckabee a “progressive,” a word which, in certain circles, carries the same stigma as “serial killer,” “rapist,” and “zombie Dracula” all combined in one."

I don’t really care about this story, but anyone who can work “zombie Dracula” into his column is OK in my book.

Huckabee Slams Beck, Calls Him ‘Inept’ In Response To Michelle Obama Comments

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Personal Blogging at Work Increases Productivity →

1) Writing — storytelling and effectively communicating thoughts to others — is a highly underrated skill. 2) At least half the stuff on my résumé came from reading and writing blog posts.

Just some things to think about.

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Libya Live Blog - March 9 | Al Jazeera Blogs →

Today in awesome: Al Jazeera’s Libya live blog. This thing is absolutely prolific. Great source.

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Temporary Blog Home Is Here

My only New Year’s Resolution was to start hosting my WordPress blog on BlueHost and to learn how to run a self-hosted blog. As with any learn-as-you-go endeavor, I’ve encountered a few roadblocks; the latest one has prevented me from posting anything new (though it’s still visible and functional to visitors).

For the time being, my Tumblog will serve as home.

I’ll have a full rundown of what I did wrong, and how other newbs can avoid my mistake, once I’m back up and running.

In the meantime: please don’t crash, Tumblr.

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"There’s no basis whatsoever for the B.S. charge that revealing a point of view of necessity compromises the integrity of the actual information purveyed."
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How The Mainstream Media Stole Our News Story Without Credit →

Great story about how MSM stole a blogger’s story (which, by the way, happens all the time). via @jayrosen_nyu

— 4 years ago
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